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  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson TRAINER


  • I've been a member of Performant Fitness for over a year now and I have to say it's been my favorite place to workout. The staff are all so friendly and I've met so many really nice members there. Several teachers at my kids school are also members and it's always so fun to see so many familiar faces there when I work out. Such a down to earth gym yet when you wanna get serious about weight-loss (which was my goal) they literally changed my life! I'm happy to say that since I've been a member, I've lost over 20lbs with the help from Performant Fitness staff!!! I'll never join another gym again! 🙂

    Rachel Rhodes
  • I'm a huge fan of the high intensity interval class with Jody Morgan. The class combines cardio and strength building in a 35-45 high intensity session. In particular I like that they use natural body movements via boxes, kettle bells, ropes, and the TRX system and rip trainer so I get a killer workout [dripping with sweat] but without stressing my joints and getting injured. In just 5 months I've gotten in super shape and built strength while leaning down significantly -- but some of that was by working on proper food intake to increase protein while reducing sugar, processed foods and carbs.  For those who can't [or won't] get up early Jody does evening classes so no excuses.  Go see them and do a free class or two and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Todd Ebert
  • Performant Fitness is such an amazing facility that pays close attention to detail. If you are looking to step your workout up a notch, or just looking for a friendly and private workout facility, this is THE place!

    Brooke Katherine Woods
  • I love this gym. We have been going to it since it was opened. And the GM John is one of the best people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. I have met some great friends at the gym and it's because it is like a family. My home away from home for sure !

    Giovanna Bourckel
  • Performant fitness has all the great machines, weights and fun toys to get your sweat on, but what truly makes it a special place are the people. John Cavin always greets me with a smile and remembers every single members name! All the trainers are knowledgeable but I'd like to highlight Seth Turczynski. He teaches the Core Group classes and is innovative, spontaneous, and always has a positive attitude. He challenges members to push themselves because he knows we are stronger than we think.  He motivates members to dig deeper because he knows we can jump higher. He encourages us to do what feels right, and listen to our bodies. I've been taking Core classes for 1 year now and it's the best decision I've ever made! Come check out a class,  I'll save you a spot.

    Michelle Sears