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Group Fitness provides functional group training sessions led by TRX & CrossFit certified trainers. Regardless of what some in the fitness industry may say, there is no magic formula to fitness. Consistent workouts, that are challenging in nature and are constantly varied so that your body must adapt are ideal to bring about measurable fitness improvements over time. This is exactly what our Core Group programs are designed to provide. Increase your functional strength, cardio, core stability, flexibility and lean muscle while shedding unwanted body fat. Track and assess your progress and fitness improvements over time and optionally, test your fitness level against a global CrossFit community. Core Group Fitness and Performant Fitness centers are founded, owned and operated by North Texas families. Support local community businesses – we do! Whatever your health & fitness goals are, we’ll get you there! Come train with us!

Core Group Classes

Are you Core fit? Want to try something new & fun, that will accelerate your path to achieving your health and fitness goals? Give our TRX based group functional fitness classes a try. We integrate TRX Suspension Training, the TRX Rip Trainer, kettlebells, sandbags and battling ropes to give a great functional workout designed to add lean muscle and decrease body fat fast! Easily track your performance and fitness progess over time! Burn up to 1000 calories per class!

CrossFit Training

Castle Hills CrossFit is held inside Core Group Fitness in Carrollton, TX. CrossFit programs are complementary to Core Group Fitness Core Interval training classes and have been proven to produce elite fitness levels in athletes over many years and a broad range of fitness tests. We look forward to training with you! Castle Hills CrossFit site:

Indoor Boot Camps

Love boot camps but hate missing workouts due to bad weather? We do too! That’s why we’ve created the best environment for indoor climate controlled boot camps, integrating fun and effective outdoor activities (weather permitting) along with all of the benefits of an indoor functional training center. Space is limited and boot camp classes vary by location.Call today to discuss boot camp options with one of our club managers at 866-700-7555.

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4 TRX Qualified Training Centers

Core Group Fitness provides 5 TRX Qualified training centers across the DFW area. Join once and train at all four clubs any time. NFL, NBA, UFC and many other top athlete superstars agree: TRX is one of the top training tools available to help you get into the best shape of your life! TRX Suspension training combines body weight and specialized equipment for postural precision movements to strengthen core muscles, functional strength and cardiovascular conditioning in the same workout! The Core Group program improves strength, stability, balance, posture & flexibility using TRX Suspension Trainers & TRX RIP Trainers, Ultimate Sand Bags, Kettle bells, Battling Ropes, Slam Balls, Dynamax Balls, Plyometric Boxes, Aqua Bags and optional CrossFit benchmark workouts for clients wishing to test their fitness levels across the global CrossFit community.